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Volunteer Program

In order to fulfil our mission, RDWA requires the positive energy and empathetic presence of young adults. Come and share the joy of learning, with the ones who need it the most. You need only to give attention, lots of love and hugs, and soon you will be an inspiration in a child’s life. Making a sustainable change in their lives is what we strive for. RDWA calls out to all young adults to come and be a part of this journey as volunteers.


To make volunteering a productive experience, rather than a mere series of random interventions, the volunteer program has evolved into a structured program. The program is designed to ensure a lot of interaction with children, which allows you to empathetically understand the scenarios in which they live. Our previous volunteers have also successfully devised some tools and techniques which are now part of the program and have hugely impacted the children and their learning. 

Rag Dreams’ Weavers Association attaches value and significance to a volunteer’s engagement and works extensively on the interpersonal skills of young adults such as problem solving, team- working, empathy, communication, listening, reporting, etc.

To volunteer with RDWA, please fill out this application form.


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