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Building an empathetic world where street children can dream fearlessly to change their stories.

Started in 2019, Rag Dreams’ Weavers is a global Consortium for Street Children, UK network. In India,  we work in collaboration with North-Central Railways and run our mentorship programs to systematically connect and expose youth to the realities of street-connected children. The program focuses on developing 21st-century skills and finding sustainable interventions to bring change at the familial, community, public, and governance levels.

We exist to build youth mentors and connect them with children in street situations to help them change their own stories and dream fearlessly.

The Initiative


Rag Dreams' Weavers Association started in June 2017, when a group of friends in their city Aligarh encountered issues of such children, largely drug abused and addicted to 'sulochan' drug (puncture tube, thinner, etc). Disturbed by the sight of society's violent approach towards these children, they decided to give an alternative to those children by including/reincluding education, empowerment, and enjoyment in their lives

Subsequently, more and more college students started joining hands, and in the month of August 2017, there was a team of 20 such boys and girls conducting regular classes. The classes became more structured with more activity-based teaching thereby the number of children also started increasing day by day, and thus the journey of change began.

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