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Learning Mentorship

“We don’t want help, charity, pity. Governments should work with the community to give us rights. We’re not asking for charity. I want to become someone to fend for myself”

Learning Mentorship is a systematically designed 10 months learning program that gives opportunities to youth to empathetically understand the street situations of children. 

A learning mentor is a form of street work that treats each child as a unique individual and supports children to make changes in their lives, that they want to envision for themselves. 


What is the role of a learning mentor?

Mentors within this process-driven program get the opportunity to connect with street situations of children, and to develop their skills in order to tackle the real issues around them. The program aims to create a pool of youth change-makers who understand the mechanism of self-change and are committed to creating an empathetic society for children.


A learning mentor also engages with the larger community and government officials involved in their development. This work also involves actively challenging the negative attitudes which can lead to systematic discrimination and abuse.

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