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Here is a comprehensive list of all the events that we organized over the years.

Featured Events

1 Dec 2019 · Manoranjan Sadan, Aligarh Railway Colony

Winter Care

Indonesian students of Aligarh Muslim University and the Foreign Students Association of AMU joined forces to engage with the children and exchange cultures. Despite the language barrier, there was a beautiful exchange of culture where both children and students taught each other, shared their stories, and created something new together. The children made handmade gifts for the foreign students with their names written in Hindi, and the Indonesian students brought winter clothing for them. This India-Indonesia cultural exchange provided the children with an opportunity to learn about the differences between different nationalities in Asia. The Indonesian students stated that the street-connected children taught them lessons that couldn't be learned in a classroom.

Every Sunday · Multiple Locations in Aligarh

Sunday Shaala

The RDWA holds weekly "Sunday Shaala" events to provide diverse experiences and learning opportunities to street children. These events go beyond traditional classroom learning and incorporate activities such as sports, drama, arts and crafts, and interactive sessions that cover important topics such as safety. These events take place at least three Sundays each month and involve the participation of children, parents, and volunteers alike. By providing a fun and educational environment, the RDWA aims to foster growth and development for these children.


26 Jan 2019 · Aligarh Railway Station to Clock Tower

Republic Day (Children's Rally for Demanding Rights)

To mark Constitution Day on 26th January, the RDWA organized a powerful rally in Aligarh to advocate for the fundamental rights of street children. With posters and banners in hand, the children marched from the railway station center to the clock tower near the collectorate office, raising their voices to demand their rights and bring attention to the issues they face. This marked the first time in Aligarh that street children took to the streets to assert their rights and make their voices heard. The rally aimed to highlight the importance of protecting the rights of children and raise awareness about the issues they face.

21 Mar 2019 · Lekhraj Nagar, Aligarh RDWA Office

Holi Celebration 

Celebrated Holi with unbridled joy and revelry, bringing together street connected children, society members, women, and youth to forget their differences and come together in celebration. The day was filled with colors, music, and delicious food, providing a safe and inclusive environment for the children to dance and freely express themselves. The pure bliss and happiness on the children's faces as they participated in the festivities was a testament to the power of unity and inclusiveness.

1 Jun 2019 · Aligarh Railway Station, Rickshaw Stand 

Enviroment Day (Street Play)

The Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Kayashta Masabha partnered with us to educate society on the dangers of using polythene bags through a street play performed by our street connected children. The performance was held on the outskirts of Aligarh Railways and aimed to raise awareness among passersby about the negative impact of pollution on the children and their immediate surroundings. The play was an opportunity for the children to express their concerns and promote environmental protection through the power of art.

15 Aug 2019 · Aligarh Railway Station

Independence Day

On Independence Day, a drawing event was held at the Aligarh Railway after the National Anthem was performed by the children along with the Railway Police Force. The children proudly displayed their drawings of the National Flag, creating a sea of tricolors throughout the railway as their faces lit up with patriotism. This event served as a testament to the pride and spirit of the nation, as embodied by the next generation of citizens.

25 Aug 2019 · Mothers' Touch School, Ramghat Road

Janmashtami Event

"Mutki Fod" event was held at Mothers' Touch Play School in Aligarh and was organized by Mrs. Arti Mittal. Children were divided into teams, with one child blindfolded and the rest of the team guiding them to smash a target hanging 10 meters high using a rope. The activity aimed to promote trust and teamwork among the children and encourage them to listen and act together. The event was based purely on the principles of collaboration and communication, without any religious undertones or teachings.

26 Oct 2019 · Aligarh Railway Station Center, Scout Room

Diwali Celebration 

We celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm and joy along with members of Child Line Aligarh. The celebration was filled with lights, songs, dances, sweets, and lots of fun. A week before the festival, the children took the initiative to clean up and decorate the center with lights under the supervision of volunteers. They were involved in every aspect of the preparation, from putting up lights to finding power connections. The event was a perfect opportunity for the children to showcase their creativity and teamwork skills.

14 Nov 2019 · Railway Park, Railway Colony 

Children's Day (Let's Play Frisbee and Challenge the Barriers)

To promote inclusiveness and break down societal barriers, a Children's Day "Ultimate Frisbee" event was held. Participants of all ages, genders, and backgrounds came together to play the game, including children, youth, women, and men. This was the first time the game was introduced to the children and other members, and it was a celebration of unity and diversity. With the help of our radio partner, Radio Current 94.1, the event reached out to the entire community to celebrate inclusiveness and challenge prejudices.


26 Jan 2018 · Ahimsa Chowk, Center Point

Republic Day

We marked the Republic Day of India with a festive celebration. The center was decorated with the colors of the Indian flag, and the children danced to patriotic songs while learning about the country's freedom fighters. They recited famous dialogues and raised the national flag, followed by a rendition of the national anthem. The Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Aligarh and the EDM of Aligarh joined us to show their support and encouragement for the children.

9 Jun 2018 · Lekhraj Nagar, Aligarh RDWA Office

Conference: Let's Talk About Street Situations of Children 

With the goal of fostering collaboration and sparking a dialogue about street-connected children, a major conference was held in Aligarh in June. The conference brought together key stakeholders, including representatives from the Municipal Corporation, the Police Department, the Child Welfare Committee, and local NGOs. The objective of the conference was to create a strategic plan for addressing the needs of street-connected children and to encourage partnerships and collaboration within the city. Through this gathering, the aim was to reach more children and create meaningful change for this vulnerable population.

15 Aug 2018 · Government Primary School No. 37, 43 & 16, Nayi Basti

Independence Day

With the aim of familiarizing our children with the environment of government schools, we enrolled a few of them in July 2018. In celebration of Independence Day, we collaborated with the school to host a grand event attended by over 150 students from 1st to 5th grade, as well as their teachers. The celebration featured patriotic songs, dance performances, and theatrical plays all performed by the children. Our non-enrolled children and their parents were also warmly invited to participate in the event.

2 Oct 2018 · Aligarh Junction Railway Station

Swachh Bharat Event

To commemorate Gandhi Jayanti, which marked 150 years, Aligarh Railways and RDWA organized a drawing event on the theme of "Swachh Bharat." The event was held on the closing ceremony of the North-Central Railways' Swatchhta Pakwada and aimed to raise awareness about cleanliness and to promote the value of children who are involved in rag picking. With the active participation of Mr. DK Gautam, the Aligarh Station Superintendent, the event was a successful initiative to promote cleanliness and create a positive impact in the community.

14 Nov 2018 · Aligarh Railway Station Center, Near Platform No. 1

Children's Day

Celebrated as sports and games day at our railway center, where individuals from Delhi brought a variety of board games and sports equipment for the children to enjoy. Children participated in races and traditional games such as "Emli," as well as modern sports like badminton and puzzle solving. It was a thrilling experience for many of the children, as some of them had never tried solving puzzles before.

25 Dec 2018 · La' Chef Restaurant, Marris Road

Christmas Day – Date with a Child

A unique event was organized where young members of the community came together to connect with street children and share their stories over a meal. The event took place at La Chef Restaurant in Aligarh, where the young individuals each took a child and shared an experience of dining in a restaurant setting. The aim was to build bridges between the youth and children in street situations, and help the children learn the etiquette of dining out while also having a memorable experience.


15 Aug 2017 · Ahimsa Chowk, Center Point

Consortium for Street Children (CSC)

The inaugural celebration of our initiative was a momentous occasion. The children, who had prepared dances and songs based on patriotic themes, performed in front of a gathered audience. The center point area was filled with joy as children, volunteers, and members of the community danced and rejoiced together. For the first time, the parents of the children also participated, showcasing their talents through dance and recited poetry.

14 Nov 2017 · Raghubir Bal Mandir, Sr. Sc. School, Ramghat Road

Children's Day 

We took the children from our initiative to the Raghubir Bal Mandir School where they had the opportunity to participate in sports events alongside other school children. They took part in races and fully immersed themselves in the school environment. This was a first-ever school experience for many of the children, marking a significant milestone in their lives.

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