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street children building their learning space

Let's deepen our understanding of children's connection to the street.

Rag Dreams’ Weavers connects youth mentors with children in street situations to help co-create an empathetic space where the children can dream fearlessly.


The 'Child-Rights Approach' as detailed under the UN General Comment No.21, recognizes children as rights-holders. It imagines children as capable agents in their own lives, who must be involved in decision making. Influenced by this ideology, we envision an empathetic society (as opposed to a sympathetic one) for street-connected children, by fostering passionate youth mentors with a curiosity to build understanding.

Thus, Rag Dreams' stands for the dreams of children in street situations, which are aided into reality by our youth Weavers.


RDWA focuses on changing behaviours and practices at the community level and influencing public policy at a systemic level – thereby creating an ecosystem where street children are made a priority. The youth mentors help implement tailored interventions to the street situations of each child, by collaboratively working with the children to bring change at the familial, community, public, and governance levels.​ By 2030, as per United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we aim to provide quality education to all (SDG 4) and actively reduce inequalities within the community (SDG 10).

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